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HR policy

A dynamic HR policy

Our HR ambitions

The Groupe LT has a dynamic HR policy in line with its employees’ expectations and the business plan.
We give all our employees development prospects with the desire of combining their individual ambitions with the ambitions of the Group.
We set ourselves apart by the human potential of our teams to increase the performance of the company and support the aspirations of personal and professional achievement.

Facing all the challenges

Our HR mission

To meet the economic challenges, face the challenges of the market, support the development of employees and of the Group, the Human Resources Department aims to:

  • Attract employees, foster personal development and loyalty

  • Make diversity a source of richness

  • Enable everyone to make full use of their own assets

  • At every moment, put the right person in the right place at the right time

  • Contribute to the challenges of sustainable development through an approach that is increasingly part of our actions for social and environmental responsibility

A real human adventure

Recruting our teams

Beyond the securing of skills, recruiting is the opportunity to bring together men and women with different qualifications, personalities and life histories, ready to join a team and engage in a human adventure.

We are constantly on the lookout for new talents to pursue our development, and we have numerous job offers for all types of profile (sales, operation, support positions, etc.).

After a recruitment process, led jointly by Human Resources and the “Operationals”, our posts are also filled both through external applications (from job boards, social networks, co-opting, etc.) and through internal mobility as we circulate job offers to our staff on a job market.

Joina dinamic rapidly growing group

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Our business plan

Integrate our new staff

We welcome new staff members and have them follow a personalised integration process for a better understanding of the expectations and strategy of the Groupe and be part of the business plan, an essential step in the life of the new arrival.

A number of people are involved to help the new arrival to settle in during their integration process.

A “godfather” or “godmother” is chosen to be their main contact, they discover our different activities, visit our branches and training in our products will be organised for the smooth integration of the new staff members and they will be accompanied on taking up their position.

Fulfilment at the heart of our DNA

Developing the skills of our staff

Having our teams mature is at the heart of our concerns.
The HR department is at the disposal of staff so that each and everyone can be enriched and fulfilled within the group.
Through a jointly devised development plan, we accompany every staff member in their personal development.

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