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At your service

Digital printing workshop

If you have a marking project on your sites or events, CAPAUMAT have set up a digital printing workshop at your disposal.

Reactive and flexible handling of special site sign requirements. We can give you personalised advice.
We can cut various sign materials to the desired dimensions to adapt to the different situations on your sites.
The layout design (BAT) of your signs can be left to us.

Phase 1 : Cutting the materials

Phase 2 : Printing

Phase 3 : Application process

Some panels supplied

Various panel marerials at your disposal

At your service



Surface marking paint

These paints are the most widely used road marking products for ground marking and road surface signs.

  • Water-based

  • With solvents or several components

Urban paints

  • Surface marking and roadway safety

  • White non-slip

  • Signposting and marking vehicle parks, cycle tracks, pedestrian crossings, etc.

Road and inter-urban paints

  • High degree of safety through back reflection

  • Safety in road signs day and night

Hot-melt strips

  • Long-lasting surface marking

  • Safety of your roadways, industrial areas: pedestrian crossings, arrow symbols, parking, etc.

  • Back-reflecting anti-skid hot melt strips to ensure the safety of users

  • Special works

Hot or thermoplastic coating

Thermoplastic resin is a road marking product that is heated (between 150° and 180°C) before application.

  • Quick drying

  • Traffic flow immedialtely restored

  • Longer life time than paints

Cold coating

Cold coating is a product composed of a base and a hardener.

  • Special works

  • Traffic resistant

  • Non-negligible life time

  • Applied manually

  • Optimised road visibility day and night

Prefabricated strips

  • Inform road users

  • Strips or symbols such as pictograms

  • Longer life time than other products

  • Traffic flow immediately restored

Cold bonded strips

  • Cold bonded strips, applied with a hand operated or self-propelled machine

  • Used for all types of linear markings and arrows


Our offerings are designed to improve and make safe the mobility of persons with reduced mobility, and partially sighted or blind people.

  • Safe and easy access to roads

  • Public spaces

  • Parking places and public transport

All our offerings meet the needs of communities and transport companies wishing to abide by the regulations in force on the problems of accessibility and safety of roads.
Installation of guiding systems for the blind or partially sighted to facilitate access to roads and public buildings.


We participate in the development of public urban, games and sports areas.

Prefabricated paving

  • Long-term resistance

  • Good adherence

  • Traffic restored half an hour after the works have finished

  • Applications: entries to 30 km/h zones, mini-roundabouts, pedestrian thoroughfares, etc.

Gravel resin

  • A complex of resin and aggregates

  • Used only in outside environments

  • Highlighting specific zones, pedestrian or cycle thoroughfares, central islands, speed reduction measures

  • Traffic-resistant with high adherence

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